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Plants On Walls Vertical Garden & Living Wall Gallery
Vertical garden designer Chris Bribach creates luxurious living walls for his clients using Florafelt vertical garden planters.

Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters and Living Wall Systems

San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers

A dazzling array of exotic tropicals cover a wall at the entrance to San Francisco's Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. Guadalupe Cota, Senior Nursery Specialist, selects and places each plant as they become available, and the Florafelt Vertical Garden system gives her the flexibility to slowly build the perfect garden. After 6 months, nearly 2/3rds of the pockets have been filled, and the plants have shown significant growth . The planters are hung from steel struts by s-hooks and are watered and fed by a digital hose timer and pressure feeder. The Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters were donated to this San Francisco institution by Chris Bribach of Plants On Walls. it is located in the front entrance, and offers visitors a welcome bursting with color and intrigue.

Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters and Living Wall Systems

CBRE Towers, 100 Pine Street, Downtown San Francisco

After 6 months, the vertical garden at 100 Pine Street in Downtown San Francisco has developed rich colors and textured depth. The blue star ferns have emerged, while the bird nest, mother, and leather ferns push to the front of the ficus decora, giving 3-dimensional structure to the composition. Designed by Chris Bribach of Plants On Walls for CBRE office towers.

Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters and Living Wall Systems

Beverly Hills Vertical Garden

Chris Bribach worked closely with the client's designer to make this huge vertical garden ease the transition from a gleaming and minimalist Beverly Hills interior to a dramatic garden and pool area, sculpted with geometric foliage and trimmed with fountains of water and fire. This living wall covers the entire south end of a stunning loggia, facing a carved waterfall fountain. The living wall needed to maintain the sense of order while bringing a touch of untamed wildlife, a hint of jungle. The architect used dramatic up-lighting to highlight floating orchids amidst a tangle of tropical flora, all vividly displayed against the black frame and felt that recede from view. Waves of bright-light loving plants flow naturally, with Chinese evergreen and near-black ficus exploding from the base and flowing into the red undersides of calathea, perfectly paired with the fiery bromeliads. Ferns drop from the ceiling above floating orchids and the occasional spray of lipstick vine.

Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters and Living Wall Systems

San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2012

Davis Dalbok of Living Green asked Chris Bribach to install Floraflet Vertical Garden Planters beside the main entry of San Francisco's prestigious annual Decorator Showcase. 504 pockets allow visitors to transition from a welcome of vivid, light-loving succulents to the comfort of shady ferns in the portico. The living wall was a temporary display and pipe clamps were used to attach to the existing historic structure, leaving no marks behind. Drip trays at the base drained to existing pipes, leaving the walkway dry.

Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters and Living Wall Systems

Los Altos Hills Private Residence

PlantsOnWalls created a fern paradise for this private residence in California's Los Altos Hills. Two massive Floraframe Living Wall Kits were mounted to the existing masonry walls to create a lavish indoor garden of 504 ferns. The remaining landscape was planted by San Francisco's Living Green Landscape Design. This open atrium has bright indirect light, the perfect environment for ferns.

Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters and Living Wall Systems

Fork Cafe, San Francisco

Chris Bribach, designer for PlantsOnWalls, created a wall of philodendrons for Fork Cafe on Castro Street in San Francisco. The towering jungle created an instantly distinctive environment for the newly opened restaurant, where customers dine with indoor comfort and outdoor style. Visit Fork Cafe at 469 Castro Street near Market.

Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters and Living Wall Systems

Urban Bistro, Burlingame, California

Visit Urban Bistro in Burlingame, California to view their luscious living fern wall designed and installed by PlantsOnWalls. Like other restaurants that incorporate living walls into their design, customers often prefer the comfort of dining indoors with so much nature nearby. Urban Bistro, 270 Lorton Ave, Burlingame, CA 94010

Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters and Living Wall Systems

Population Hair Salon

Population Hair Salon in San Francisco welcomes customers with a living, growing work of art that has become a focus for the business and a conversation piece for everyone who visits. A small copper pipe funnels water to an outside drain. Visit Population Hair Salon at 537 Divisadero Street in San Francisco NOPA district.

Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters and Living Wall Systems

Fern Garden for a San Francisco Home

Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters and Living Wall Systems

Tropical Jungle for a San Francisco Live/Work Space

This San Francisco resident wanted new life inside her industrial design home. The living walls have brought an exciting new feel to her live/work space. After two months, the custom installation by PlantsOnWalls shows vigorous new growth. The two living walls are home to 492 tropical plants that conjures images of the jungle.


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