Soniqué Mini LED Sonic Cleanser LED Sonic Cleanser

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Brand Raintree Organics

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Winner of the 2021 Beauty Innovation Awards: Facial Brush of the Year

A Breakthrough in Facial Cleansing

The reVive Light Therapy® Soniqué Mini line features unique waterproof sonic cleansers that offer three variations of FDA-cleared light therapy for the deepest cleansing and significant skin improvements.

The Soniqué Mini is a 3-in-1 tool made up of a gentle cleanser, serum massager and light therapy spot treatment, making this device the ultimate at-home skin-rejuvenating device. This device also comes with two treatment heads: a soft bristle head for gentle cleansing and one with large nodules for serum massage.

One-of-a-Kind Waterproof Sonic Cleanser with Multi-Spectrum Light

The reVive Light Therapy® Lux Collection Soniqué Mini combines medically proven LED skincare with gold-standard sonic cleansing technology. As a dual-function LED device, the Lux Soniqué Mini can reduce and prevent wrinkles or clear acne flare-ups.

The Lux Soniqué Mini has unique LED settings. You can choose the red light mode for wrinkle-relief or the blue light mode for acne treatment, for a comprehensive skincare routine for traveling or at-home use.



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