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Senia + Tona | Bundle


Brand Vanity Planet

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It’s time to elevate what at-home skin nourishment feels like. Re-think your routine with our luxurious 2-in-1 soothing and lifting bundle. Replenish dry skin while pampering it with Senia, our latest warming & soothing facial sauna and Tona, our new sonic lifting beauty bar.
Tona, our sonic lifting sculpting bar has a T-shaped design to tone the contours of the face and re-lieve facial tension through gentle & vibrating massage.
Soak your skin a blissful oasis of aromatic steam! Senia, our new hot and cold aromatherapy facial steamer combines a luxurious cleansing treatment with a euphoric sensory experience using warm and cool Smart Steam Technology.
Hit refresh with our limited-edition bundle featuring invigorating spa-quality facial massage, and home-sauna experience.


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