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Replacement Brushes | Spin for Perfect Skin.


Brand Vanity Planet (ELP)

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To make sure your brushes perform at their best and are as hygienic as possible, they should be changed every two-to-three months. Just pick which brush needs replenishing or replace them all at once with our complete set!


Daily Cleansing Facial BrushUltra-Soft Bristles: Use everyday for a clear complexion.  

Exfoliating Facial BrushFirmer Bristles: Use two-to-three times a week for a deeper clean.   

Body BrushLarge Brush & Firm Bristles: Use to exfoliate your arms, back, legs and torso. 

Pumice StonePorous Stone Surface: Use to buff calluses and remove dead skin.  


Made in Newport Beach

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Cruelty Free






Sold Out

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