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Pomo-Lactic | Water Cream


Brand Vanity Planet (ELP)

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Pomo-latic Water Cream harnesses the latest advances in microfluidic technology to feel like a cool drink of water against your skin. Our soothing water-cream formulation quenches your complexion on contact for a lasting plumping effect.
The unique water-light, day-to-night formula, mixes pomegranate, rosehip, and lemongrass to combat redness, calm irritation and hydrate dry, combination, and oily skin.
Why are we on-boarding this product?  The popularity of microfluidic, water-based beauty is on the rise. Our lightweight moisturizer harness that technology, along with the soothing principals of pomegranate the to deliver intense hydration perfect for day and night. Designed with oily and combo skin types in mind, this is the perfect, barely can feel it type of hydration your skin needs. 


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