Hayo'u Nephrite Body Comb

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Brand Hayo'u

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Stimulating ancient jade body massage


  • "Empress Stone" comb from Lunar Medicine improves microcirculation by 400%
  • Nephrite Jade tool to reduces water retention
  • Uses lymphatic drainage (pressure point massage) to ease stress and inflammation
  • Pain-free way to target cellulite and sagging skin
  • Gentle enough to use as a scalp massage too
  • Smooth over body for 5 minutes with skin-soothing results


Don't stop at a gua sha facial. Use the Hayo'u Nephrite Body Comb to take the principles of gua sha massage to your whole body.

The Hayo'u Nephrite Body Comb is designed to target water retention, cellulite, thick thighs, bingo wings and limp hair.

Simply slide the Hayo'u Nephrite Body Comb in a downward motion on arms and legs to activate pressure points and move fluids around the body. Slide from your sides towards your belly for a stimulating stomach massage or try it on your scalp. Apply gua sha to your whole body in just 5 minutes.


  • Hayo'u Nephrite Body Comb
  • Storage pouch
  • User manual


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Why it works

The Hayo'u Nephrite Body Comb applies principles of lymphatic drainage. The teeth allow it to gently compress pressure points while you stroke it down your body just like you would brush out your hair. The result is less water retention, better circulation and improvement to body issues like cellulite.

Target your arms, legs, thighs, belly and scalp with this invigorating 5-minute treatment. Since the tool is made from nephrite jade, it's also purported to have kidney-boosting benefits under the laws of Lunar Medicine. Use over clothes or with a body oil for more slip.

it's as simple as

Step 1: Pull your arm back and comb the underside (bingo wing) in a downward motion 8 times.

Step 2: Comb from your hip to your belly button 8 times.

Step 3: Comb downward on the outside of your thigh 8 times, then upward on the inside 8 times.

Step 4: Repeat on the other side and include your scalp too, if you wish.

make it personal

Try the Hayo'u Nephrite Body Comb with a body oil for an invigorating treatment or use over clothes for improved circulation anywhere.

Try alone or with the other Hayo'u Nephrite gua sha range for a complete de-stressing and revitalising routine.

Use all over the body to target water retention and skin issues like cellulite. Add in a scalp massage to improve circulation and healthy hair growth too.

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