Hayo'u Nephrite Beauty Restorer

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Facial sculpting with precious jade


  • Contour your face with the "Empress Stone" from Lunar medicine
  • Nephrite Jade plumps and sculpts your skin
  • Gua sha massages pressure points to relieve stress
  • Pain-free way to improve microcirculation by 400%
  • Over time, see less fine lines and wrinkles
  • Use for 1 minute, or as often as needed for a facial lift


Your blood vessels really respond to massage and a gua sha facial is designed to press firmly - in the right places - to improve circulation.

Smooth on a little facial oil and use the gua sha stone on your forehead, under eye area, cheeks, jaw and neck to drain fluids and plump your skin.

In just one minute per day, a gua sha massage with the Hayo'u Nephrite Beauty Restorer will reveal lifted, plumped and sculpted skin.

Use as often as you like for a facial massage anywhere. Over time, you'll see less fine lines and wrinkles forming too.


  • Hayo'u Nephrite Beauty Restorer
  • Storage pouch
  • User manual


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free gift worth £19

For a limited time only, receive a FREE Hayo'u 15ml Beauty Oil when you purchase the Hayo'u Nephrite Body Comb.

This oil has all the potent skincare benefits you need, including the iconic Lunar ingredients of lotus flower, frankincense and ylang ylang, but with slow absorption to protect skin during this powerful massage. Perfect for gua sha, or as a deeply nourishing treat for your skin, in the morning or at bedtime.

Why it works

All gua sha tools work through lymphatic drainage massage and the Hayo'u Nephrite Beauty Restorer is no different. Lymphatic drainage is a type of pressure point massage that has been shown to reduce swelling and promote healthy circulation.

But the Hayo'u Nephrite Beauty Restorer is made from precious nephrite jade, which has additional benefits under Lunar medicinal beliefs. Chiefly, it's thought to aid in proper kidney function as well.

Use as often as needed for a quick facial massage on the go. You'll feel instantly less stressed and your complexion will look brighter and plumper thanks to increased blood flow.

it's as simple as

Step 1: Clean and dry your skin.

Step 2: Apply your favourite facial oil.

Step 3: Gently glide the tool across your face, pressing gently. Use on the cheeks, forehead, under eye, jawline and neck for tighter looking skin.

Step 4: After about 1 minute; wash clean and store the Hayo'u Nephrite Beauty Restorer gua sha stone.

make it personal

Remember to smooth on your favourite facial oil before beginning your gua sha treatment. You'll need it to provide enough slip to allow the Hayo'u Nephrite Beauty Restorer to glide on your skin.

Use for 1 minute, as often as you like for instant stress-relieving and skin-boosting benefits. This gua sha tool can be used anywhere on the face, jaw and neck to improve the look of your skin.

Follow with the Nephrite Crystal Compress, if you like, for a de-puffing post-massage treatment.

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Height: 2 cm / 1in

Length: 14 cm / 5.5in

Width: 8 cm / 3.1in



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