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Mask Brush Set


Brand StackedSkincare

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Scoop out your favorite masks and creams from their jars and apply them to your skin without ever getting your fingers involved. This brush and dish set has everything you need to evenly apply thicker skincare formulas. Good For: Skin Hygiene


What It Is

Keep your masking ritual hygienic and mess-free with this convenient brush set. Designed to help you scoop out thicker formulas from jars without risking contamination from your fingertips, our Silicone Skincare Spatula can also be used to evenly apply a thick layer of product to the face. Our Soft Mask Brush applies a thinner layer of product while reaching tricky contours of the face and neck. The easy-to-clean dish helps avoid double-dipping and product waste so your skincare stays fresher and lasts longer.

What It Does

  • Disperses an even layer of product on the skin
  • Cuts down on product waste and mess
  • Makes it easy to hygienically dispense and apply products

What's Included

Silicone Skincare Spatula

Soft Mask Brush

White Skincare Dish

White Brush Bag


How to use

Use the silicone spatula to scoop the mask from its jar and dispense into the included dish. Use the silicone spatula or the mask brush to apply the mask to the skin, creating an even layer of product across the face and neck.



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