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Hydrating Lip Peel Exfoliant


Brand Stackedskincare

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Heal and prevent chapped lips with gentle exfoliating acids while boosting hydration with mushroom extracts.


What It Is

A vegan lip exfoliator made with natural fruit extracts that gently remove flaky skin, revealing a smooth canvas for lip color. This softening lip serum, developed by an expert aesthetician, resurfaces with edible alpha hydroxy acids that leave lips supple and silky. The plumping formula self-neutralizes and dries instantly so there’s no rinsing necessary. Use to plump and prime under your favorite lip color.

What It Does

Dissolves dry, chapped skin

Softens and smooths lips

Enhances lip plumpness

What To Expect






Strong bitter scent that should dissipate after application

Consumer Results

96% Saw a decrease in dry, chapped lips

88% Saw an increase in lip plumpness

88% Experienced smoother lips


How to Use the Hydrating Lip Peel

Shake well. Apply to lips 5-7x times per week. Do not rinse. Immediately apply your favorite lip balm. While all ingredients are edible, avoid licking your lips.. The product tastes bitter to ensure you let it do its magic.

Edible Grade Phytic and Lactic Acids

Dissolve dead skin, hydrate, and soften lips


Instantly boosts hydration by 4x and prevents moisture loss


Gentle exfoliating acid that dissolves dead skin cells only on the very surface layers of the skin

StackedSkincare is committed to effective skincare made with ingredients that are safe for our bodies and the planet. StackedSkincare uses proven skin-enhancing actives and avoids all known toxins, questionable chemicals, and ingredients that are irritating to sensitive skin. The Hydrating Lip Peel Exfoliant is Pregnancy Safe.



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