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Thermo-facial cleansing and microcurrent toning


  • The first cleansing device to harness thermal therapy and microcurrent
  • Gentle heat works to expel and melt away impurities
  • Microcurrent lifts and tones your complexion
  • App connectivity offers customisable routines and different cleansing, heat and microcurrent intensities
  • Made from body-safe silicone and BPA free
  • Fully waterproof and provides up to 125 treatments per charge


FOREO are back with their most clever cleansing device yet, let us introduce you to FOREO LUNA 3 Plus. It's the only device to offer thermal facial cleansing, microcurrent toning and firming anti-ageing massage, all inside one ultra-smart beauty device.

Cleanse and gently melt away impurities and excess oils with the device's thermal touchpoints and soft silicone bristles.

Activate LUNA 3 Plus' microcurrent technology to naturally lift and tone your complexion for a tighter, more refined appearance.

Connect to the FOREO For You app to build customisable routines and personalise your routine with a range of cleansing, microcurrent and firming intensities.


  • FOREO LUNA 3 Plus
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual


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A Refined and Tighter Complexion

This multi-functional beauty device performs thermo facial cleansing to gently melt away oils, dirt and makeup from deep within your pores for a clearer complexion.

It features 8 thermal touchpoints that gently heat up and delivers soothing T-Sonic pulsations to effectively unclog pores, while balancing out the skin's moisture levels.

Targeted Toning

Activate one of the microcurrent routines to tackle signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. Microcurrent works by mimicking the body's natural current to energise your facial muscles, sculpting your contours and defining your facial features.

When in microcurrent mode, apply the FOREO SERUM SERUM SERUM to ensure optimum conductivity to the skin.

What's the difference between FOREO LUNA 3 AND FOREO LUNA 3 PLUS?

In comparison to FOREO LUNA 3, the Plus model has exciting new features never seen before in a cleansing device.

Plus has 8 thermal touchpoints which gently heat up for extra cleansing power, gently melting away excess sebum, makeup and other impurities.

The device also has a built-in microcurrent feature, which you can switch to from inside the FOREO For You app to sculpt, tone and redefine your complexion.

how to use

Step 1: Download the FOREO For You App.

Step 2: Turn on the device and connect to the app via Bluetooth.

Step 3: Follow the instructions inside the app to set up your cleansing routine and treatment preferences.

From inside the app you can build custom routines, choose different cleansing intensities and activate microcurrent mode.



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