Dr. Levy The Spring Reset Set

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Brand Dr Levy

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Purifying, pollution-fighting facial set


  • For face, neck, chest, hands and eye skin
  • Stimulate skin cell activity by 80%
  • Increase plumpness, firmness and fight signs of ageing
  • Clear pores, refresh and brighten skin
  • Fend off the 5 most-common pollutants
  • Use daily, as instructed, for fresh, glowing and protected skin


The powerful Dr. Levy The Spring Reset Set helps you push the reset button on your skin and repair damage from our modern environment. The Dr. Levy The Spring Reset Set fends off the most common pollutants: damaging particles, household chemicals, ozone, infrared and blue light from screens.

But beyond that, it has intense active ingredients to help you turn back the clock on wrinkles, fine lines, dullness, puffiness and more signs of ageing. Combined, the Dr. Levy The Spring Reset Set is your magic formula for better-looking skin all year round.

Just start with a cleanse from 3DEEP, then pop on some Booster Serum. Follow with a dab of Eye Booster Concentrate and the important Pollution Shield before you go out each day. Then, a few times a week, mask up with the Cell Matrix Mask for intense skin renewal.


  • Dr. Levy 3Deep Cleanser 50ml
  • Dr. Levy Booster Serum 30ml
  • Dr. Levy Eye Booster Concentrate 7ml
  • Dr. Levy Pollution Shield 30ml
  • Dr. Levy R3 Cell Matrix Mask 50ml


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Step 1: Cleanse with 3DEEP, dry gently.

Step 2: Apply Booster Serum to your face.

Step 3: Follow with Eye Booster Concentrate in the eye contours with your pinky.

Step 4: Layer the Pollution Shield all over the face and eye skin before any makeup.

Step 5: Use the Matrix Mask for 20 minutes, 3 x per week on the face, hands and chest.




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