Dr. Levy IntensifEYE Set

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Brand Dr Levy

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Banish tired-looking eyes


  • 5-part, 4-month eye repairing routine
  • Decrease crow's feet by 53%
  • Improve skin firmness by 59%
  • Minimise fine lines and puffiness by 16%
  • Anti-ageing & anti-pollution formulas
  • Use daily, as directed, for fresher, more youthful-looking face and eye skin


The Dr. Levy IntensifEYE Set is your secret to refreshed eye skin. Combining these 5 products helps minimise fine lines and puffiness in minutes by 16% on average. And the longer-term effects see crow's feet diminished by 53% and skin firmness improved by 59% with regular use.

The Dr. Levy IntensifEYE Set contains a complete 5-part, 4-month eye skincare routine that you can take anywhere. The Dr LEVY IntensifEYE Set is flight-friendly and contains powerful actives to cleanse, brighten, tone and firm your whole face, focusing on the delicate eye area.

Start with the cleanser, follow with the Booster Serum and Eye Booster Concentrate and allow it to absorb. Next, pop on the Pollution Shield all over and enhance with a 3 x per week masking with the Matrix Mask.


  • Dr. Levy 3Deep cleanser 20ml
  • Dr. Levy R3 Cell Matrix Mask 4ml
  • Dr. Levy Eye Booster Concentrate 15ml
  • Dr. Levy Booster Serum 7ml
  • Dr. Levy Pollution Shield 5PF 30ml


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Step 1: Cleanse your face with 3DEEP, pat dry.

Step 2: Apply a small amount of Booster Serum to the whole face.

Step 3: Dab the Eye Booster Concentrate and smooth into the eye contours with your ring finger.

Step 4: Finish with the Pollution Shield all over your face and eye skin. Apply makeup, if desired.

Step 5: 3 times per week, use the Matrix Mask for 20 minutes all over the face, hands and chest.


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