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CurrentBody Skin LED Illuminating Mirror


Brand CurrentBody Skin

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Boost your skincare and makeup with this magnifying LED mirror


  • Perfect your skincare routine & flawlessly apply makeup
  • Super bright LED mirror with 70 LEDs
  • Three lighting modes to create a range of looks
  • Additional magnifying mirror on the back
  • Rechargeable via USB
  • One full charge lasts up to 3 hours


Want to improve the way you apply your skincare products? Perhaps you're always in search of that perfect lighting to ensure your makeup goes on just right? Ask any professional and they’ll tell you that, to get flawless skin and makeup, you need a good mirror and great lighting. And now, the brand-new and exclusive CURRENTBODY skin LED Mirror combines both of these features.

Boasting 70 LED lights, a rotating head and mini magnetic magnifying mirror, the LED mirror gives you a clear view and ultimate precision during your beauty routines. Target those hard-to-see areas, ensure beauty products are applied and reap the benefits of your skincare regime. The device is smart too - every time you turn it on, it will automatically revert to the last setting you had it on.


  • CURRENTBODY skin Illuminating LED Mirror
  • Magnifying Mirror
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual


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Whether putting your makeup on for a night out or indulging in a little pampering session, completing your daily skincare rituals in front of a mirror has huge benefits for your skin. Using the CURRENTBODY skin Illuminating LED Mirror means you can target areas of concern with ease and precision.

With a better view of your skin, you’ll improve the application of your makeup and be able to use your beauty devices more effectively. This in itself has a number of benefits. Your results will be enhanced and you’ll also start to notice how your skin improves over time. Not just that, but you’ll recognise which areas need a little extra attention too.


Make it personal

The illuminating mirror contains 70 bright LEDs that are activated in 3 modes. By holding down the light switch button, the mirror will automatically dim and brighten. Choose between 3 varying lighting modes - photo-ready (neutral white light), evening makeup (soft and warm light), everyday makeup (daylight white), and enjoy all the light you need to get your desired look.

Revolutionary rotating head

The head of the mirror is attached by a magnetic and rotating ball. This means you can always get the best light and angle for whatever look you’re trying to achieve. Those hard-to-see areas like under the chin and the side of your face are no longer restricted.

Mini precision mirror

The mirror also comes with its very own mini mirror that offers 5x the magnification. Tucked away on the back of the main mirror, simply pull it off and attach it to the front of the mirror when you’re ready to get those fine details right. Whether you’re trying to shape your eyebrows or want to get that eyeliner flick just right, this handy mirror is the perfect tool.


Skincare saviour - Use the mirror to focus your dermaplaning or microdermabrasion treatments. Remove those stray eyebrow hairs with the magnetic attachment. And ensure your skincare products are blended in and absorbed to their full potential.

Makeup must-have - Apply your makeup exactly how you want it to look, ensure your foundation is smooth and streak-free, create ultra-precise looks on the eye and see your finished look in natural light.


To create different makeup looks, touch once for neutral white light for photo-ready looks; twice for soft and warm light, perfect for evening makeup; or three times for daylight white light for all everyday occasions. Touch once more to switch off.

You can also reduce the light by holding the button until the device dims to the level you want.

The product will come disassembled but it’s really easy to put together. Simply twist the stand into the base with the magnetic ball at the top. Then, attach the mirror to the magnetic ball.


Additional Information

Only use a dry, soft cloth to wipe the mirror. Store the device at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and hot surfaces. Keep away from high humidity areas, such as bathrooms.

The device takes 12 hours to fully charge.


DO NOT dismantle or attempt to repair this product yourself.

DO NOT use this device is any part is damaged.

NEVER use this device where it can come into contact with water or use the device if you think water has been spilt on it.

Keep out of reach of children.

This product is produced to the requirements of the European EMC legislation.



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