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CurrentBody Skin Face Sculptor


Brand CurrentBody Skin

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Facial roller for a firmer and brighter complexion


  • Reduce puffiness and brighten dull complexions
  • Sculpts and tones your face with long-term use
  • Boosts circulation for healthier-looking skin
  • Relaxes facial tension and soothes your mind
  • Pushes skincare deeper into your skin
  • Use up to twice a day or whenever your skin needs a pick-me-up


The CURRENTBODY skin Face Sculptor is a staple that's missing from your beauty regimen. In just a few minutes a day, achieve a sculpted and more contoured complexion. The two rotating heads hug your face to tone, firm and boost circulation for healthier-looking skin.

This soothing facial roller is also great for releasing muscle tension and aiding lymphatic drainage – draining toxins from the face and reducing puffiness.

Treatments take just a few minutes and are really easy to add into your beauty routine. Use in the mornings with your favourite serum or moisturiser and enjoy an instant glow.


  • CURRENTBODY skin Face Sculptor
  • Storage pouch


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why it works

Two rotating heads create a deep-kneading action which invigorates your skin in just a few minutes. Rolling over your skin in outwards strokes boosts circulation, increasing blood and oxygen flow to your facial muscles and instantly brightening your complexion.

With continued use, the CURRENTBODY skin Face Sculptor will tone and sculpt your appearance by actively stimulating collagen production.

it's as simple as

Step 1: Cleanse your skin and apply your favourite serum or moisturiser.

Step 2: Roll over your skin starting from the middle of your face and working outwards.

Step 3: Roll upwards towards the ears to help drain toxins from your face.

Step 4: Roll your neck using upwards and downwards strokes.

Step 5: Use for 5-10 minutes a day.

make it personal

Soften signs of ageing by using the CURRENTBODY skin Face Sculptor to tone, firm and sculpt for instantly younger-looking skin. Meaning it's the perfect complement to anti-ageing treatments like LED to keep your skin looking plump and smooth.

Suffer from puffiness around your eyes and cheeks? Focus on rolling the device over these areas to instantly refresh your complexion.

If you're feeling stressed, pick up the device to release any built-up facial tension. Plus enjoy its relaxing benefits that will soothe your mind.


Additional Information


Please note that the CURRENTBODY skin Face Sculptor is made from zinc alloy. Avoid using this product if you have a zinc allergy.

The device is free from copper and nickel.



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