Hayo'u Clear Quartz Compress

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Healing jade tool for de-puffing


  • Lunar medicine's 'master healing' stone soothes tired skin
  • Use gentle pressure to tighten sagging skin
  • Offers the right amount of pressure following gua sha massage
  • Soothe redness and puffiness, perfect for eyes
  • Minimise the look of open pores
  • Use for 1 minute as often as needed to rebalance skin


Use the Hayo'u Clear Quartz Compress after your Hayo'u Clear Quartz Beauty Restorer gua sha massage for an added de-puffing treatment or alone for powerful pore-tightening effects.

Its unique shape allows you to get in close on delicate areas like your eyes to reduce redness and inflammation. Perfect for your cheeks and forehead too, it can be used after soaking in warm or cold water for added skin-soothing benefits.

With gentle pressure and in just 1 minute, reveal a more contoured complexion with tension-relieving benefits.


  • Hayo'u Clear Quartz Compress
  • Storage pouch
  • User manual


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Why it works

Encourage more lymphatic drainage for a tighter-looking complexion with the Hayo'u Clear Quartz Compress made from 'healing stone' quartz. In Lunar medicine, this quartz is said to help in centering one's QI (body energy) for relaxation effects.

When combined with the lymphatic or pressure point massage, drain toxins away from the face and encourage circulation. Use warm or cool after traditional gua sha massage for a soothing effect.

The gua sha stone is carved perfectly to fit into the contours around your eyes or to smooth across open pores for skin tightening. Use as often as you like for facial muscle relaxation in 1 minute.

it's as simple as

Step 1: Put a layer of facial oil on fresh, clean and dry skin.

Step 2: Move in small circles or zig zig motions around the eyes, forehead or anywhere on the face you'd like to clear inflammation. Repeat 8 times on each side, in each area.

Step 3: Use alone or after Hayo'u Clear Quartz Beauty Restorer massage for 1 minute. Wash and store the Hayo'u Clear Quartz Compress.

make it personal

Try it warm. Place the Hayo'u Clear Quartz Compress in hot water for up to 3 minutes. The warm compress helps to relax you and improve circulation. Or use it cold, just place in cold water for up to 5 minutes for less skin puffiness, redness or open pores.

You could experiment with different facial oils or post treatment serums to boost the skincare benefits. Combine with the other Hayo'u Clear Quartz beauty tools for a full gua sha treatment programme.

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