Honest x Vanity Planet | Aira Limited Edition.


Brand Honest x VP

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Introducing our new Limited Edition steamer, handpicked by Jessica Alba as a gotta-have skincare essential, our Honest X Vanity Planet Aira Ionic Facial Steamer perfectly aligns with the Clean Conscious Culture™ of Honest.


Steaming is the first step to prepping your skin for any treatments or skincare application. This will enhance absorption of your favorite creams and serums, clarify and hydrate your skin while steaming away impurities.


Vanity Planet is honored to partner with Honest in dropping this limited-edition facial steamer just in time for the holiday season. United in our efforts to highlight the power of self-care and accessible, effective skincare, our brands want fans to unveil their inner glow with personal care products they can trust and make a part of their everyday lives.


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