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CurrentBody Skin Daily Essentials Travel Kit Worth $194.Hongmall


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Grab and go skincare kit


  • 4-part travel-size skincare routine
  • In-flight wrinkle-reducing mask
  • Compact cold roller to plump, brighten & depuff
  • Holiday-ready skin every day
  • Fight jet-lag dullness and look fresh every day
  • Use as directed for dewy, bright skin daily


Finally, a kit with all the skincare, sleep enhancers and skin perfectors you need in one that's easy to pop on holiday with. Start with the CurrentBody Skin The Power of Four Skincare Set for a full routine in a box that's plane-approved. Then follow with the compact CurrentBody Skin Cryo Roller for perfected, tightened, plumped and depuffed skin to start your day and stave off that train, plane or bus puffy-skin feeling.

Just pop it in the freezer before you set off for refreshing coolness anytime. At night or while you're in transit, wear the Dr. Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask for 15 minutes up to overnight for fewer wrinkles, released tension and better sleep while abroad.

The CurrentBody Skin Daily Essentials Travel Kit Worth £179 is perfect for all skin types, textures and tones. It's easy to mix and match to get the effect you're looking for during daytime and nighttime. And since it can travel with you, so enjoy all these benefits even on holiday.


  • CurrentBody Skin The Power of Four Skincare Set
  • Dr. Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask
  • CurrentBody Skin Cryo Roller


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it's as simple as

Step 1: Follow the Power of Four skincare routine after cleansing. It's travel-sized and easy to use even in a plane loo.

Step 2: Use the cryo roller for 5-10 minutes to tighten pores and depuff after plane, train or bus travel.

Step 3: Use the Dr. Harris mask for 15 minutes to overnight while in transit and once you get to your destination for better skin & sleep in one.



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